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Business Solutions - Logistics solutions - Canon India - Business
  • Canon offers a document management solution for your invoice and shipping documentation that makes it easy to create, manage and store your shipping consignments.
  • A centralised document management system can also help streamline the documentation of your import / export department, making documents easy to retrieve.

Deliver your consignments on time

Business Solutions - Logistics solutions - Canon India - Business
Ensuring the smooth transportation of your goods involves filing a large amount of documentation. The slow retrieval and exchange of various documents between multiple parties can often lead to delays, resulting in unsatisfied customers. Here’s how Canon can facilitate a smoother, more efficient delivery.

By digitising and storing all your documents in a centralised management system, nothing will ever get misplaced. Our intelligent software is also able to generate invoices and makes merging corresponding shipping documents from multiple parties an easy, effortless task. See how our efficient solutions can move you forward.

Latest case study

PIL enhances supplier relationships and improves cash flow with Canon’s automated invoice approval process
"The payment cycle is effectively shortened by half from 90 days to 45 days, enabling PIL to proactively settle their bills within credit terms and providing PIL the leverage to negotiate with suppliers for payment and pricing discounts." Mr Low Wai Mung, Assistant General Manager, PIL Information Systems Department
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Business Solutions - Logistics solutions - Canon India - Business

Invoice and shipping documentation system


Are shipping consignments being delayed by paperwork?
  • Incomplete documentation exchange between multiple parties
  • Time-consuming process to organise, sort and file documents
  • Inefficient administrative process leads to shipping delays

Canon’s solutions

Seamless documentation system ensures a smooth delivery.
  • Efficient and complete filing of every shipment’s documents
  • Invoices and shipping documents are digitally archived
  • Easy search function for future retrieval of all files


Improved administrative efficiency and on-time shipment and delivery.
  • Transparent documentation process provides for greater accountability
  • Huge savings in storage and operation costs
  • Better relationships with clients
Business Solutions - Logistics solutions - Canon India - Business

Export / import department's documentation


Can all shipping documents be shared and disseminated easily to the right parties?
  • High volume of documents circulated can be misplaced easily
  • Ineffective search and retrieval of information
  • File sharing process is tedious and inefficient across all departments

Canon’s solutions

Digital database facilitates easy network share and access.
  • High volume of documents can be organised and digitally filed into a central system
  • Internal departments can print and retrieve documents via remote desktop access
  • Fast retrieval and dissemination of any shipping document upon request


Improved customer service.
  • Streamlined workflow processes ease administrative workload
  • Efficient working environment with easy retrieval of any documents
  • Better management of documents leads to faster turnaround time with suppliers

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Business Solutions - Logistics solutions - Canon India - Business
"Let’s talk about always delivering your consignments on time."
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